What`s new in WebOffice 10.8 SP1

What`s new in WebOffice 10.8 SP1

With the new release numerous feature requests of WebOffice Ideas have been implemented in the flex and core client. VertiGIS Printing is now available in Version 1.0 and the performance of WebOffice author standalone has been massively improved.

VertiGIS Printing 1.0 

After the beta phase of VertiGIS Utilities Printing Tools the VertiGIS Printing focused release is now available. Special thanks to our partners and customers who have provided important input for the improvement. Compared to the beta phase, the range of functions, program stability and the performance has been improved significantly. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Feature requests via WebOffice Ideas: Success stories in core and flex user interface

With the help of WebOffice Ideas, customers can bring in their feature requests and vote for submissions from other customers. Many of these new features have been implemented in WebOffice 10.8 SP1. Users of large projects can now browse map views and set favorites in the core client. Further new features are the Table of Content to switch individual layers on and off in the flex client and the measurement tool for the core and flex client. More highly ranked ideas are in planning or development and will be released in one of the next patches or releases.

WebOffice author standalone: New features and enormous performance optimizations

In WebOffice author it is now possible to undo changes with the help of Undo/Redo buttons and the connection status to routing, network and geocoding services is now also displayed. In addition, the performance of WebOffice author standalone has been significantly optimized. CPU and RAM are massively relieved, so that configuring WebOffice projects is now even easier. The communication to the user management database has also been optimized. Staging, import and export now take considerably less time due to this reason. 

You can find all new features in our user manual!

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