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Creating a Central Digital Solution for Task Management at ASFINAG

Organize Tasks Centrally

The move to a centralized digital solution has significantly improved many operational endeavors including data entry and organizing inspections for the over 17,000 engineered structures that ASFINAG manages.

Further, with ASFINAG’s centralized system, their Asset Management department can easily document tasks on their mobile devices using HybridForms. This improvement provides employees with faster means of communication and access to better-defined work processes.

"Our employees in the field can enter all information directly on their work mobile phones, check it live for completeness and synchronize it into the central system. This eliminates the effort and time delay of manual entry and data checking. -Thomas Stachelberger, Service Manager OMT, Team Analytics Data Science GIS

Screenshot: Maintenance plan with time overviews

Safe compliance with adherence to operational and regulatory requirements

All tasks fulfilled during approval processes and construction and operational phases must be properly recorded in ASFINAG’s Electronic Construction Manual. Information such as specifications, deadlines and time intervals are important for facility management and help to ensure that operational tasks are carried out in a timely manner.

Within the centralized system, employee’s can clearly document their responsibilities and individuals concerned with specific tasks can receive automatic notifications about task progress. This guarantees that work can be documented in ways that comply with regulatory requirements while simultaneously enriching operational efficiency and transparency within the organization.

"Everyone has the same level of information and is talking about clearly assignable situations. At last, there is no room for interpretation, and we have certainty at all times that we are acting in compliance with the law.”
- Thomas Veitsberger, Service Manager EBeH, Team Analytics Data Science GIS

Screenshot: Object master data and GIS location

The advantages – Much more than just saving time

Many departments within ASFINAG are benefiting from their new digital solution. Positive feedback is particularly strong when it comes to improvements in operational maintenance procedures and enhanced communication and transparency. Employees can now easily record information about their tasks and communicate progress with superiors. Options for photo documentation via smartphone cameras and capabilities for drawing edits on the photos (e.g. to explain defects) are popular. Employees are also benefiting from automated connections to other organizational systems such as SAP.

Screenshot: Integration of ProOffice from SAP

Screenshot: Darstellung der ProOffice Daten in SAP

Cover sheet of a bridge control report

Future plans

In addition to improvements to maintenance management in structural engineering, the VertiGIS solutions used within ASFINAG are expected to see further expansion in the coming months and years. Examples of future plans include improvements to tunnel organization and enhancements to rest area and real estate management processes.

"The goal is a digital continuity of the data from the origin to the services of ASFINAG - without media breaks or quality losses, transparent and fast.” - Peter Aubrecht, Cluster Manager GIS / OMT (ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH, Service Management Department, Team Analytics Data Science GIS)

We look forward to further cooperation with ASFINAG and would like to thank Icomedias (HybridForms) and Esri Distributor Austria (SynerGIS Informationssysteme) for their close collaboration!

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