ProOffice in use at NÖVOG

Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsgesellschaft m.b.H. (NÖVOG) is a modern service company for public and tourist transportation. They aim to provide a diverse range of services for both residents and tourists in the regions that they operate in.

Motivation and goal setting

The objective of the real estate information system (LIS) is to develop software that standardizes collection and management of internal NÖVOG data, particularly real estate data, by simplifying data processing and data exchange between different programs and systems. A standardization of workflows guarantees faster integration and improved availability of real estate information.

Reasons for switching to ProOffice

  • NÖVOG manages buildings and land in the four-digit range. The new real estate system has the following features:
  • Accelerated exchange and integration of data and information
  • Complete recording of all properties (land, buildings)
  • Improved data quality and availability
  • Increased planning security
  • Unification of working methods between clients and contractors
  • Uniform standards for the handling, working and exchange of data
  • Interfaces for accounting and controlling databases
  • Interfaces for NÖVOG’s workflow mechanisms and solutions

Simplified workflows/tasks

  • Maintenance of real estate and objects
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Commercial agendas: Incoming/outgoing invoices, index adjustment, account, cost centers, cost units ...
  • Property management agendas: Rent/lease specification, evaluations of expenses and planning, operating cost accounting...
  • Renting and leasing of land
  • Sale of objects/properties and land
  • Riparian Proceedings
  • Key management
  • Key figures with standard evaluation reports
  • Documents (pictures, notices, expert opinions...)
  • Time recording for employees

Added value for employees

A configurable management system enables direct, paperless cooperation between the individual organizational units and to subsidiary companies while considering communication with internal departments. Software interfaces are used to communicate with peripheral systems such as financial accounting, controlling and GIS. The system has an integrated reporting system (ePaper) that enables the flexible generation of various types of print documents such as inspection indicator reports for maintenance agendas.

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  • Industry
    Service, transport, real estate and investments

  • Solutions
    Facility Management
    Contract Management
    Costs and Budget
    Key Management
    Time Logging 

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    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0